The following quotes are from a small booklet by Ernest Holmes entitled "Keys to Wisdom". Hope you enjoy :)


Keys to Wisdom

We do not know how it is than an invisible energy causes the sap to flow up in a tree, or how it is that a chicken comes out of an egg. We may only watch the process. No biologist knows what life is, no psychologist knows what the mind is, no philosopher knows what reality is, and no theologian really knows what God is. Yet, put together all of these things and that is what is meant when the word "life" is used.

Evolution is but an effect. This emergence is a continuous, progressive unfoldment of Something, which, by the very nature of Its being, seeks eternally to express Itself in modes, in individualizations of Itself.

There is no one who does not at times sense a self within the self; and in our greatest moments, in those flashlike visions of mystic grandeur, we know that we are made of eternal Stuff, fashioned after a Divine pattern.

If we can change the pattern of thought about any condition, then that condition is going to change.

The Infinite passes from the formless into the form of our contemplation. The Principle by which It does this is universal and ever ready to act. We merely provide the pattern for the action.

It is not enough to say that we attract what we think; we become what we think, and what we become we shall attract.

Everything our thought rests upon is either retarded or quickened by the conviction of that thought. Everyone is a law unto himself under the great Law of Cause and Effect governing all things.

It would be unreasonable to assume that one kind of thought is creative while another type refuses to create. All thought is creative. Thought has a creative power equal to the emotional conviction which surrounds it. And if that thought and emotional conviction is fear, there will be created that type of condition. If the thought and feeling is imbued with faith, and is in harmony with goodness, truth, and beauty, it will create a salutary kind of condition.

We all long for intimate relationships; we wish to feel that we are one with people. This yearning, which every normal person has, emanates from an unconscious but spiritual perception that we are one in Life Itself. Where there is not sense of separation from Life there will be no loneliness.

The painting of a picture that expresses life and beauty is just as important to the Divine scheme of things as the creation of a cosmos. It takes every man's wholeness to produce the great mosaic of life.

We must deliberately trade in the old ideas of lack and limitation, of fear and pain, and in their place create new ideas of abundance, of peace, of joy, of friendship, and of opportunity. We must learn to expect more if we want to receive more. We must cause the mind to dwell on happy rather than unhappy situations, to look for the positive and affirmative in life.

What time is wasted is hoping for a good future only to find that after the present slips into the past what is left is still the present and future forevermore eludes us. It always must. The spiritual sun is ever at high noon and casts no shadows either before or behind it. Today is the only day we shall ever know; therefore, if we learn how to live today, tomorrow will be well lived.


Ernest Holmes
Keys to Wisdom

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