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The butterfly has represented transformation in many cultures for ages. Our journey through life is much the same. As we pass through each stage, the person that emerges is totally different than the one before.

It is frightening at times to break out of our "cocoon", to go from the known to the unknown. But when we do, the person we become is truly transformed; an entirely new world is opened up for us and the growth process continues on.

In this spirit, I welcome you to a reflection of my own transformation. I hope you enjoy! Linda

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* My Offerings *

Quotes & Affirmations   This is my quote page with randomly generated quotes and affirmations. Just a place to veg and soak in some thoughts :)

Inspiration Pointe   Here you will find my collection of stories, poems, quotes and most anything else that I have found inspiring. Updated every Tuesday.

The Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn  A little known metaphysical writer from the 1920's. Her works are truly amazing. You will find excerpts here from her four books.

A Tribute to James Allen  This is an incredible author I came across several years ago. "As A Man Thinketh" changed my life forever. I hope you enjoy it as much I did.

Survey - What are your favorite three books?  I thought it might be interesting to discover which three books you have found most empowering. This is becoming a great list of "must read" books. If you have not participated yet, please do so! Thanks :) Click here to view the list.

Inspirational Desktops   I've created some inspiring wallpaper desktops for your computer. A new selection will be added every Sunday. Let me know what you think!


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* Virtual Divination - Spirit is Everywhere *

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* Favorite Spirit Sites *

Zen Stories to Tell Your Neighbors  This is a site featuring a great collection of famous zen stories.

The Story Bin   Russell has created a wonderful collection of inspiring stories, quotes, parables and essays.

The Daily Motivator   An inspiring message to start out the day!

Wise Hearts   Beautiful, Inspiring website!

Sage Place   Great site - be sure to check out the quote section "Words of Wisdom"

Afterhours Inspirational Stories   Yet another fabulous collection of inspiring stories :)

Allspirit   Gill has created a lovely site featuring unique selections from Rumi, Gibran, Tagore and others. This site also sponsors a mailing list to share inspirational quotes etc.

* Favorite Mailing Lists (Quotes) *

The following links are for quote mailing lists. These lists send you a quote by email each day. I really enjoy starting off the day with thoughtful quotes to ponder.


A Word A Day  This list actually sends you a new word to learn each day. They also have a quote included in each mailing.

Months of Inspiration   This is an email list which sends you an inspiring story each day.

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