* What If ... *

What if you were a Master Creator?

What if you were so good at creating, you could create anything you wanted from seemingly nothing at all?

What if you were so good at creation that you were famous for it?

What if you were so good at creation, creating started becoming dull? Although you had the admiration of world after world (some of which you helped create), you began to miss the challenge you felt earlier in your creative career.

What if you had a chance to relive the thrill of victory and agony of defeat you so enjoyed at some former time and place?

So, Master Creator that you are, you created a button marked "Greater Challenge."

You considered all that might be contained in the concept of "Greater Challenge," decided "Greater Challenge" would probably provide some of the excitement and satisfaction you missed from your apprentice days, took a deep breath, pushed the button...

.... and found yourself where you are right now, feeling what you're feeling now, thinking what you're thinking now, with everything in your life precisely the way it is now, reading this page.

Peter McWilliams
Do It!
Prelude Press, Los Angeles, 1994

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