~ Trust ~

When there is trust between two people, miracles can happen. I believe there is no greater experience, no finer feeling than being able to be fully yourself without being judged, critiqued, or mistrusted. When your partner is on the same page as you, trusting you with the same intensity, then love flourishes.

And when trust has been broken, the magic stops. We contract and become fearful, mistrusting, and doubtful. We all know instinctively when there is trust and when there is not. But what are the elements that build trust? Here are some of the attitudes and behaviors I've seen operating in successful relationships in my practice. These simple steps you can take to build or rebuild trust in your partnership.

    Keep your word ... walk your talk.

    Tell the truth ... always.

    Be open ... and willing to be vulnerable.

    Share your heart ... and listen to the other's.

    Criticize constructively.

    Temper your temper.

    Surrender graciously.

    Understand ... and be kind.


Catherine Cardinal
The Ten Commandments of Relationships
Andrews McMeel Publishing


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