Where Do You Start?

A tourist once visited a cathedral where an artisan was working on a huge mosaic. A vast empty wall was before the artist, and the tourist asked, "Aren't you worried about all that space that you need to fill up and how you will ever finish it?"

The artist replied simply that he knew what he could do in each day. Each morning, he marked off the area he would complete, and he didn't allow himself to worry about what lay outside that space. He just took one day at a time, and one day the mosaic would be finished.

Many of the great obstacles that stall our momentum are very much like that great wall. We can worry about the bigger picture we have to create. Or we can simply start to fill them with wonderful, unique images - the imprint of our lives - by doing the very best we can with each day we are given.

Where do you start? The best place to start is wherever you are today.


Arthur Caliandro
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