The following is an excerpt from the delightful book "The Tao of Meow" by Carl Japikse.
Waldo, the Wise One, imparts his knowledge of the Tao to us "Nameless Ones." I hope you enjoy :)

Waldo, the Wise One * Learn to Sip Life *


Everything good is like water --
It's a blessing when you need a drink,
But you can drown in too much of it.

As for me, I would rather be stomped on by elephants
Than take a bath.
That is why I know
That the Tao closely resembles water.

It is better to sip the good things of life
Than gulp them.

In hunting, the good is surprise;
In napping, the good is a warm lap.
In running, the good is quickness.
In cunning, the good is wit.
In dining, the good is fullness.
After dinner, the good lies in licking yourself clean.

Either you are part of the Tao, or you are not.
If you are not, don't blame the Tao.
You need to learn to sip life
Without getting in over your head.

    Carl Japikse
    The Tao of Meow
    Enthea Press, Columbus, Ohio 1990

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