Selections from

S a n d   &   F o a m

By Kahlil Gibran



    I am forever walking upon these shores,
    Betwixt the sand and the foam.
    The high tide will erase my foot-prints,
    And the wind will blow away the foam.
    But the sea and the shore will remain



    It was but yesterday I thought myself a fragment quivering without rhythm in the sphere of life.

    Now I know that I am the sphere, and all life in rhythmic fragments moves within me.



    They say to me in their awakening, "You and the world you live in are but a grain of sand upon the infinite shore of an infinite sea."

    And in my dream I say to them, "I am the infinite sea, and all worlds are but grains of sand upon my shore."



    When you long for blessings that you may not name, and when you grieve knowing not the cause, then indeed you are growing with all things that grow, and rising toward your greater self.



    The reality of the other person is not in what he reveals to you, but in what he cannot reveal to you.

    Therefore, if you would understand him, listen not to what he says but rather to what he does not say.



    Every seed is a longing.



    Should you really open your eyes and see, you would behold your image in all images.

    And should you open your ears and listen, you would hear your own voice in all voices.



    Yes, there is a Nirvanah; it is in leading your sheep to a green pasture, and in putting your child to sleep, and in writing the last line of your poem.




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