~ Taking Risks ~

Babe Ruth said, "Don't let the fear of striking out hold you back." And he should know - in the course of hitting all those home runs, he also struck out more than any other player. So what? When you think of Babe Ruth today, strikeout is not the phrase that comes to mind. Babe Ruth and home run are forever entwined in our minds.

What would be your equivalent of hitting a home run? Would it be writing a poem or cooking a soup or getting into graduate school?

On the other hand, what would be your equivalent of striking out? Writing a poem nobody liked? Cooking a soup you weren't happy with? Getting rejected?

Notice that in each case, the strikeout can't even happen unless you swing. It's seldom the things you try and fail at that deeply trouble you late in your life - it's the things you never tried to do at all.

Gay Hendricks
A Year of Living Consciously

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