~ The Time is Now ~

In whatever aspect of living we desire a betterment - be it in respect to health, abundance, or happiness - we have to know that it is ours now. We establish the pattern now, we accept what it is now, we know it is our experience now. There is no difference between thought and thing.

There is no time element in Divine Mind, nor need there be in our mind. Whatever good we desire must be accepted as the present reality of our experience. Only now can it exist. This is but a simple hard fact: what we establish as a pattern of thought, what we believe in as real on the spiritual level of causation, is what becomes real in our experience. We must come to know that at the spiritual level of causation the physical manifestation of the cause as effect is immediate, is co-existent with it.

Regardless of how much we may say we believe in God, Spirit, or Mind, or in the creative power of our thought, only by starting now, not tomorrow, will we ever come to believe more, to experience the proof of that which we do believe.

We have in this moment the choice, the right, and the privilege either to maintain and support any pattern of thought we may have prevously established, or to establish an entirely new pattern of action. We must decide, either to be as we have been, or to start to be what we desire to be.

Now is the only time we can ever act.


Ernest Holmes
A New Design for Living
Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 1959

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