The following is another excerpt from the book "Creative Mind" by Ernest Holmes.

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Live in the Present

Life is for us today. There will be no change for tomorrow unless we do the changing today. Today we are setting in motion the power of tomorrow. The soul that learns to live in the great gladness of today will never weary of life but will find that he is living in an eternal here and now. Now, all good is his; now, all life, truth and love are his; now, he has entered in, and the good things of life are his today.

Let your soul sing today and the song that comes tomorrow will be all the sweeter, it will ring out over the vistas of time with an unmistakable clearness.

Here is a soul who knows himself and has found life within himself. No more waiting, no more longing, no more weary roads to travel. He has arrived. The goal is won and peace has come at last.



Ernest Holmes
Creative Mind
Sun Publishing Co., 1984


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