Music While You Surf

Below are some midi files I have collected over the years. To play just click on a song below. Hope you enjoy  

** Some of my Favorite Midi Files **

Cannon in D (37kb)
Cats in the Cradle (35kb)
Carol of the Bells (35kb)
Love is Blue (15kb)
The Yew Tree (14kb)
A Whiter Shade of Pale (40kb)
House of the Rising Sun (31kb)
After the Battle of Aughrim (24kb)
You Can Call Me Al (24kb)
Don't Speak (59kb)
I Shot the Sheriff (33kb)
Save Me (31kb)
The Irish Washerwoman (19kb)
Theme From Peanuts (21kb)
Bach Bouree (3kb)
Bach Prelude (13kb)
V'la le Bon Vent (17kb)
King of the Fairies (10kb)
Farewell to Nova Scotia (22kb)
Sous le ciel de Paris (26kb)
Sail Away (54kb)
Let It Be (17kb)
Un Canadien Errant (10kb)
David of the White Rock (10kb)
Nimporte (46kb)
Hotel California (43kb)
Lilly West (11kb)
Princess Royal (8kb)
King of the Road (21kb)
Storms in Africa (16kb)
Cursom Perfico (20kb)
Hava Nagila (56kb)
Malaguena (25kb)
One Man's Dream (11kb)
Spanish Ladies (18kb)
Simple Gifts (8kb)
Lothlorian (6kb)



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