Excerpts from
"Your Word is Your Wand"

by Florence Scovel Shinn

Chapter 20: The Elements


Man is made in God's likeness and image (Imagination) and is given power and dominion over all created things.

He has the power to "rebuke the winds and the waves," check floods or bring rain when it is needed.

There is a tribe of American Indians who live in the desert country and depend on the power of prayer only, to bring rain to water their crops.

They have a rain dance, which is a form of prayer, but no chief is allowed to take part who has any fear.

They give exhibitions of courage before they are admitted to the ceremonies.

A woman, who was an eye-witness, told me that out of a blue sky came a deluge of rain; the sun still shining.



Fire is man's friend and is always in its right place doing its right work.

There is no drought in Divine Mind. I give thanks for the right amount of rain to nourish these crops or garden. I see clearly this gentle downpour and the manifestation is now.

The Christ within now rebukes the winds and the waves and there comes a great calm. I see clearly peace established on land and sea.




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