~ Calle - The Blue Fronted Amazon ~

Meet Calle - my Blue Fronted Amazon!

She is a delight. Of my two birds, she is the talker. Her vocabulary seems to grow every day. Lately, she has been "imitating" some really strange sounds.

So far, her vocabulary consists of:

Apparently, she has been listening to our telephone conversations, for now she will go on and on in sort of a jibberish and then laugh hilariously. In fact, everytime the phone rings, SHE says "hello"!

Her memory is also remarkable. She remembers things I taught her months ago and will say them out of the blue.


This is a photo of Calle and me last summer.

She loves to climb on the tree in the front yard. I take her outside frequently for fresh air and she LOVES to go get the mail... In fact, she's even met the mailman!

Calle loves to play and has an entire box filled with toys. Her favorite is a toy telephone that rattles. Of course, she also likes blocks of wood and other toys she can sink her "beak" into :)

Amazons are great birds to say the least. They truly have wonderful personalities and are a joy to be around.


More Adventures of Calle (ie more pictures)


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